What can the antimicrobial
action of SANAFOR™ do for your end products?

Your hallmark of microbial protection


The use of antimicrobials in food packaging is a rapidly developing technology, and represents one of the strategies for reducing the growth of bacteria and fungi (molds) on food contact surfaces.

SANAFOR™ is a safe and effective preservative for food contact materials.

The active ingredient in SANAFOR™ is US-EPA and FDA approved for food contact uses such as food processing equipment, conveyor belts, utensils and storage containers.

Food packaging uses are under development.


Hygienists and healthcare providers actively seek ways to create protection barriers against the spread of human pathogens.

One of these protection barriers is SANAFOR™,

Which offers durable, built-in protection for your product against bacteria, fungi, molds, and yeasts, and actively challenges organisms that may try to establish themselves in or on your treated product.


Odors from textiles and footwear are caused by bacteria while staining is usually the result of fungi or mold.

SANAFOR™ offers long lasting protection

against both bacteria and fungi, resulting in products that are fresher for longer. And thanks to its low solubility in water, SANAFOR™ does not easily come out of treated products.


Microorganisms are all around us. We seek to protect ourselves from exposure, for example, by using antibacterial soaps and wipes or by putting bleach in our laundry water to kill the bacteria that causes stains and odors.

SANAFOR™ antimicrobial technology
offers safe & effective built-in protection
for plastics and textiles,
creating a feeling of cleanliness and wellbeing.

The use of antimicrobials in items found in our homes is already widely accepted, sparing us from fungi, molds and odors caused by bacteria.


Just as we want to be protected from bad odors and moldy surfaces at home,we also want to be protected when we are in our automobiles and elsewhere.

Whether you are a manufacturer of automobiles, agricultural film or ventilation pipes, SANAFOR™ can be used to prevent odors caused by bacteria,protect against discoloration, staining or disfiguring caused by fungi, or to avoid growth of algae on surfaces.

SANAFOR™ incorporates durable microbial protection into products, adding value to them.


offers a safe & affordable way to effectively control the growth of micro-organisms,

adding value to your end products.

The use of our products is subject to the relevant national legislation. Always read and follow the label directions carefully before use. SANAFOR™ is currently not registered in the United States of America. The active ingredient in SANAFOR™ is not approved for any public health application in the U.S., and is not registered in the U.S. for food packaging or in Europe for food contact materials in general.SANAFOR™ is authorized in certain EU countries for preservation of polymer materials and for producing treated articles with disinfecting properties. For more information on the status of registration and approval in your country of interest, we invite you to contact us.

According to US-EPA guidelines, label claims for treated articles sold in the United States are restricted to inhibitory activity against microbes for protection against aesthetic problems such as discoloration, odor or other types of product deterioration or spoilage. Please refer to the product label for a list of approved uses.